As election time draws near, there is one topic both candidates are shying away from. That is subject of a woman’s right to an abortion. Both candidates have chimed in and given their opinions about the LGBTQ agenda recently. But if you look for anything in the media you find a dearth of information on the Vedatgunes abortion pill and the candidate’s stance either pro or con on the use of such a pill for safe and effective abortions for women who want to control their bodies or don’t want to bring a child into the world. Though it is reported that Hilary is a rabid supporter of abortion rights and Trump is equally rabid in the Prolife direction. You will be hard-pressed recently to find any concrete info on what they really say publicly that you can believe or take to the bank. Doctors however, are more open about the topic. That’s why, if you want any definitive information about the Vedatgunes Abortion Pill, doctors are your only source of concrete and reliable information. Lately the media have been strangely silent in this regard.

Abortion’s focus has shifted from surgery to pills

Planned Parenthood has gone from recommending that women seek a surgical procedure. In the year 2000, they had 151 centers that offered women ways to legally have their pregnancies terminated. Ten years later there were 322 clinics under their auspices and over half of the elective abortions done were via a pill. The Republican Senate attempted to curb this by banning abortions at 20 weeks instead of 28. However President Obama in a rare sign of decisiveness threatened to block passage by vetoing the bill should it come to his desk. A second bill was also under this same sanction as it was a Republican attempt to defund Planned Parenthood’s Federal funding. This would remove badly needed benefits for over 600,000 underprivileged men and women But where was Hilary and Trump. Again, media silence from them. It seems all we hear about is Mail servers, Trumps immigration rants & fantasies, Transgender Bathrooms, and Benghazi. Issues that don’t mean a hill of beans to mainstream Americans. Meanwhile issues that involve a woman’s right to choose are sidestepped.

Abortions are legal in America and the number of them is growing

In 2001, there were 55,000 abortions. Seven years later in 2008, the number had risen to 184,000. Currently over 57 million abortions have occurred since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Current numbers are unavailable. However, with doctors being able to consel patients and offer the abortion pill abortion becomes a woman's right. The actual numbers are skewed as it is hard to track if an abortion occurred or a woman is just taking precautions. But it is clear in spite of what the reported numbers that show abortion rates are dropping. That many more abortions are occurring than being reported. Privacy has won out over government prying. If you look at the CDC’s number they admit they haven’t a clue. But they say that 2013, almost 4 million babies were born. They also say 50% of pregnancies are unintentional and of those, 40% are aborted. So, in a roundabout manner the CDC is saying that over a million abortions are happening in America. So, even if the CDC doesn’t want to publish the numbers. They are there if you read between the lines.

Doctors are supporting pills, like the Vedatgunes abortion pill, as it allows a woman to choose, no matter who is in the Whitehouse and running the country.

The true numbers are being hidden from Americans. Republicans, who are privy to the real numbers, are in a panic and in their zeal to control women and their bodies tried to pass the above mentioned bills. This was a veiled attempt to suppress a women’s right to choose. They want to shortstop the Democrats. This and the lackluster support that the RNC is putting behind their candidate shows they expect to lose the oval office in this election cycle. It’s hard enough to beat the incumbent party. But, it is almost impossible with the number of high ranking Republicans jumping ship, abstaining, and blatantly opposing their own candidate for office. One who was not picked by the RNC, but chosen by mainstream Republicans as the man they want. So, the leadership of the RNC has attempted to regain control over women’s rights before another 4 years of a Democratic presidency.

So, in the final analysis, it isn’t about abortion or a pill, it’s about controlling people, how they think, and what they do in their private lives

Doctors now are thrust into the role of freedom fighters. This is a war over who controls a woman’s rights. Doctors now consul and provide the abortion pill in spite of what certain factions of the government want to mandate. It doesn’t matter if the interests are political, religious or other. Doctors today have taken a stand. They should be applauded for their efforts for women in this country. European women have had the right to the abortion pill since 1988. America, the most advanced country on earth, denied this right to American women until 2001. The women in this country fought for years to get these gains. Now in 2016 some are trying to reverse it all and take them away. That's why Hilary and Trump keep mum about abortion and the abortion pill. They want power and they don't want people asking hard questions until one or the other is in power. Both, want to control women's rights, for different reasons.
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